At a glance

Extensive experience in Government/Public Affairs Campaign
Ensure access to top stakeholders at all levels
Strategize and set up powerful and specific Government/Public Affairs Campaigns to reduce barriers to access
Organize, advise, execute and follow-up meetings

How we work

Assessment Phase

After evaluation of the complete data set and gauging the therapeutic and economic value of the proposed technology, we formulate a proposal for market access strategy, inclusive of tactical and action plan.

Execution Phase

Implementation of the action plan i.e. filing strategy, follow-up and guiding through the whole process.

Key of success

What issues do we want to bring on the political agenda ?

Disease Awareness
New breakthrough
Unfulfilled medical need
Medical issue of key importance
Important social needs e.g. Cost of innovation, drug addiction

How do we bring issues under the attention ?

OTO meetings with Parliament members
Parliamentary questions
Parliament Event
Social Media
OTO meetings with all stakeholders
Issues on the political program agendas (upcoming elections)
Parliament Commission meetings