Vivactis Benelux bought the world’s leading events platform in virtual reality!

Brussels, the 31st of March 2020 – Vivactis Benelux, Healthcare unit of Business Solutions part of Vivactis Group, the largest independent consulting Group dedicated to healthcare & medecine announces the purchase of the virtual reality platform Hyperfair®.

Hyperfair® technology provides a plug-and-play solution to create virtual reality environment for 3D immersive congresses, exhibitions, trade shows, events, serious games and more “Attend dynamically and directly  a conference from your computer or from your tablet without installing any software, and move in the different zones (reception hall, auditoriums, booths, etc.) by way of an intuitive navigation system is a small technological revolution that we are proud to introduce to our market and beyond ” explains Stephane Schor, Vivactis Benelux CEO « The acquisition of the Hyperfair®’s virtual platform is a major step forward. Not only within our healthcare focus, but also and mainly for our events and congresses global franchise on every fronts”.

“A serious time-saving trick for the professionals now able to attend an econgress as though they were there” explains Alain Mahaux, Vivactis Group’s President. With a simple login and the creation of an avatar, thousands of users from all over the world can visit any virtual reality environment and interact with each others as though they were physically there. This provides Enterprises the ability to easily and effectively reach a wider audience than at a physical event.

Furthermore, every fully scalable and personalized virtual reality environment can be set up easily, branded with the company logo, colors and event theme, and automatically published on multiple gateways for wide accessibility: pc/mac ,mobile, mobile virtual reality headsets such as Google Cardboard and pc-based headsets such as HTC Vive.

Hyperfair® virtual reality platform provides unique data analytics and intelligence.  The system is able to provide data analytics (not limited to): logins (unique and repeat), interest preferences (segmented between views, clicks, added to bag, downloaded “It allows to combine demographic and behavioral data to create a detailed profiling of each visitor.” Says Stéphane Schor.

The easy setup process and reduced costs and effort compared to any physical event allows Enterprises to multiply significantly the number of events that can be run throughout the year.