RMN Group joins Vivactis Group

Vivactis-Newton 21 Group and Vincent Leclercq (RMN Group) have decided to join their forces to create the leader in the health communications market in Belgium.
The objective of this operation is to provide customers and the market with a much larger offer, more capabilities to build tailor-made media strategies andbring more innovation to the industry, with the creation of a Vivactis Lab.

About RMN Group

RMN Group provides health professionals and the industry with several highly specialised and targeted branded services, offering health professionals the most updated, highly specialised and top-quality information. Each of RMN Group’s brand corresponds to a magazine, an internet site, several newsletters, an e-Learning platform, etc… RMN Group allows the industry to make the most balanced choices between multiple, varied and complementary communication channels, such as digital means, print, video, live or virtual events, depending on the company’s strategy and the stage of the product life cycle.

The RMN Group, created by Doctor Vincent Leclercq , became in 25 years a major player in the Belgian health communications market, growing constantly, diversifying its scope of competences. One of the most recentexample: the creation of “Communication Avenue”, proposing a large scale of services, such as video shooting, e-Learning platforms, or scientific events…

“Today, it is crucial to meet the market needs by being part of a BIG group, offering a wide range of competencies and with the capacity to serve the market on a European or worldwide level. Furthermore, our intention is to continuously offer innovative ideas to our clients and provide healthcare professionals with updated information regarding the evolution of science – for all these reasons, I chose Vivactis Group and
brought RMN Group in this partnership !” explains Doctor Vincent Leclercq, RMN Group’s CEO.

About Vivactis Group

Vivactis Group is the only multinational agency in the position to provide the healthcare industry with a full range of competencies, including market access and reimbursement services, clinical trials, marketing/communication strategies, Medical education, marketing/communication channels (print and digital) and direct to patient communication.
Present in Belgium for more than 25 years, Vivactis Group has developped a strong parternship with Business Solutions Group (communication and marketing strategy), Vivactis Benelux, Medisquare (Tempo) and What’s up doc,…

“Vivactis Group is driven by passionate professionals, willing to continuously provide customers with best in class services. Following this principle, the choice of Vincent Leclercq to become a partner of our
GROUP, represents a great opportunity for both our Groups to continuously improve our level of services and provide our clients and the market with what they deserve” comments Alain Mahaux, Vivactis Group’s President.


The acquisition of the RMN Group, gives Vivactis Group the opportunity to become Market leader in Belgium, as it is already the case in France, Spain and Switzerland,…