Simed joins Vivactis Group

Vivactis Group and his partner Vivactis Euromedice acquired 75% (60% for Vivactis Group and 15% for Vivactis Euromedice) of the promising digital health agency Simed, empowering their leading position on the Spanish healthcare market.

Through its 4 pillars: Vivactis Euromedice, Vivactis Innuo, Vivactis Lexic and now Vivactis Simed, Vivactis Group strengthen his offer, increase its competences in terms of « Digital Health », develop a complete series of services dedicated to the healthcare industry and export its knowledge beyond the borders.

“Vivactis Group plays a significant role on the Spanish healthcare market through Vivactis Euromedice, Vivactis Innuo and Vivactis Lexic. Today, thanks to Vivactis Simed we are glad to extend our competences in terms of Digital Health and reinforce our position in the city of Madrid as Vivactis Simed is headquartered there. Finally, we’d like underlining the huge growth potential of Vivactis Simed. Thus, in Spain we hope to reach over 10 Millions € turnover in 2018” explains ALAIN MAHAUX, Vivactis Group President.

Founded in 2000 by Miguel Fernandez de Campinún, Vivactis Simed was initially focusing on the healthcare market and the pharma industry before addressing new targets as biotechnologies, MedTech,
The last couples of years were also really positive for the international development of the Agency which is currently managing projects in Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey, The United Kingdom, Belgium and Mexico.